About CGI

Principals & Creed

The Creed of CGI

The Creed of CGI Includes:

  • Safe operation at work site
  • Highest quality work product
  • Skilled and reliable field work crews
  • Company culture that promotes customer service

The Company Goals and Priorities

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Develop large customer base
  • Trained employees
  • Maintain an exemplary reputation in the industry
  • Consistently upgrade technical software systems for administration and construction.

CGI Staff

  • Staff members hold advanced degrees and have years of experience in the industry.
  • Equipment operators are highly skilled and strive to ensure quality and productivity through efficient and safe operating methods.
  • CGI has loyal and dedicated employees that have years of service to the company and its clients.

About Custom Grading, Inc.

About CGI

CGI has contracts with federal, state, city, county and private organizations. The company has performed on a broad base of projects and enjoys an enviable reputation with the local construction community.

Michael Montoya and Benny Montoya, the principals of CGI are involved in all aspects of planning, management, and field operations on every job to ensure that every contract detail is completed to the satisfaction of the owner, Architect, Engineers, and Contractors. The company’s corporate philosophy is to meet project deadlines and maintain high levels of quality. CGI verifies that safe conditions exist at all work sites at all times.


Michael Montoya


Michael Montoya has a B.S. in Construction Management from UNM, and a Master Degree in Business Administration. He currently holds licenses for GB98, GA98 and GF98. His 20 plus years of construction experience ranges from small residential projects to multimillion- dollar commercial and Industrial projects. His area of expertise are in logistics, estimating, project management and the daily operations of the business.

Benny Montoya


Benny Montoya has 30 years of invaluable experience as a Project Manager and Heavy Equipment operator. He has an extensive background in all aspects of site development, paving, road construction, and demolition. He has been involved in countless projects from beginning to end and continually strives for excellence and productivity in all his projects.

Rob Gross

Chief Operations Officer

The scope of Rob’s responsibilities touch all aspects of the business including; contract negotiations, project management, schedule coordination, fleet management and customer/client relations. Rob is responsible for ensuring that communication is happening at all levels of the company from estimation and bidding to project completion and close out.

Nancy McRae

Office Manager

Nancy is responsible for all administrative functions within the Company to include providing administrative support to all employee’s handling of all administrative corporate matters, also responsible for Accounts payable and receivables to include all billing and collections. She is responsible to maintain all Department of Transportation’s files and programs to keep the company current and up to date. She handles the maintenance of employee files, eligibility of benefits. As well as, the maintenance of customer contracts and job files providing insurance certificates and submittals.

Randy Calderon

Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for all day to day activities of CGI crews in the field. They participate in the setup, organization and operation of field crews. This involves dispatching crews and determining what equipment needs each project may have. Project Managers review bids that were generated by the office staff and make sure that projects are running efficiently and match the work that was bid. At times they also bid work for customers and price out any change order work that may arise during a project. Project Managers work to cultivate new relationships with clients and maintain the satisfaction of our current customer base. They accomplish this by completing work on time and at cost through the efficient management and organization of company crews. Edward and Randy also strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with company peers and customers through open communication and timely response to any needs that they may have.

Philip Ithurria

Paving Supervisor

Philip is the Paving Supervisor at CGI with more than 30 years of experience. He oversees all paving jobs to assure excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. He has extensive experience in all aspects of paving including Commercial, Industrial and residential paving along with Asphalt Maintenance.

Randy Pulliam

Estimator/Project Manager

Randy takes care of estimating and pricing requests for your earthwork, paving, demolition and general contracting needs. In addition, he coordinates our work with subcontractors and manages the projects from initial site visit through project management to final billing on general contracted projects. He works closely with our suppliers and vendors to obtain the best possible material prices. He also helps with engineering needs and reputable contacts for other trades in association with your projects.

Jason Chavez


Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management/engineering from Arizona State University. He handles pricing and in-house estimating/take-off work for all facets of work, ranging from small single family residential to large scale subdivision and commercial projects. The use of advanced computer software and methods helps to accurately and effectively bid jobs to our vast clientele. Also handles face to face meetings with prospective clients, field measurements, site visits, and plan verification. Attend pre-construction and pre-bid meetings, when necessary. Other duties include; contract negotiation along with plan/estimate interpretation and implementation in the field. Certifications include OSHA 10, AGTEK software & First Aid/CPR.

Freddy Olsen

Data Manager

As Data Manager, Freddy’s daily duties include but are not limited to: development and maintenance of the company database, document management, desktop/server backups and upkeep, and IT planning. He is also responsible for the monitoring of equipment fuel consumption, active line locating on all current and new contract jobs, and company timecard tracking.

Trula Howe

Office Management

As Project Admin, her daily duties include but are not limited to; support project managers, superintendents, and estimators in management of projects, including permits, material pricing, submittals, subcontractors, job costing, lessons learned, project documents. As Office Admin, her duties include but are not limited to: Management of accounts payable, some accounts receivable (including billing and collections), employee payroll preparation, certified Davis-Bacon payroll, customer service, employee incentives, maintenance service records, warranties.

Mario Medina

Programs Administrator

Mario has been with the Company since 2005. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrations from the University of New Mexico, and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He has worked in all areas of the company, from preparing plan documents for bidding to working in the field setting grades, measuring quantities, and working/supervising crews. He is also responsible for CGI’s Safety program, OSHA Compliance, Fleet Management, and handling of all our social media. Certifications include OSHA 10, AGTEK software & GHS.

Kimberly Rees

Director of Marketing

Kimberly’s duties and responsibilities include: Developing and implementing strategic marketing plans to achieve managerial objectives; servicing and maintaining existing accounts and relationships, as well as developing and cultivating new ones; monitoring competition by gathering current marketplace information; expediting the resolution of customer inquiries; and contributing to a team effort by accomplishing results as needed. Kimberly’s focus is to provide unmatched customer service for Custom Grading Inc.

Edward Martinez

General Manager (Field Operations)

Edward Martinez is Custom Grading’s General Manager (Field Operations). He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. His Duties include but are not limited to coordination of workers’ schedules ensuring each person completes their work in the correct order for the project to progress efficiently. He enforces safety rules and make sure all workers have the right tools, equipment and materials to get the job done correctly. He provides day to day oversight and direction to the foremen and project managers assigned to on-site construction projects. He is responsible to protect and promote the interests and values of the company in all matters and to take actions as required to satisfy responsibilities. Edward brings specialized knowledge and experience in executing projects and provides input on scheduling and placement of production crews. Plan and review the construction project with the General Superintendent and Project Managers on a weekly basis. Supervise the scheduling and completion of warranty issues. Prepare for project startup with the General Superintendent and Project Manager. Execute project activities as required to meet day-to-day and overall objectives.


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